Swingers: Crazy golf underneath the Gherkin

It currently has places where to sip cocktails and play darts, table tennis and foosball - so we expect it was just a matter of time before London got a location that integrates boozing and crazy golf.

Swingers, a golf club for the hipster generation, will open to the general public tonight. The venue integrates two nine-hole courses The Windmill and The Lighthouse as well as five bars and street food stalls from London favorites Pizza Pilgrims, Le Bab and Patty & Bun. Located at the foot of The Gherkin, the 16,000-square-foot underground space could likewise prove a favorite with City employees.

The decor is loosely modeled on a 1920's English country golf club and features a two-storey club house with gin balcony and sufficient (synthetic) foliage. Loos are significant "changing rooms" and there's even a door to the club president's office. More Info

Exactly what's the matter with golf today?

The online game's governing body and traditionalists have actually stuck with rules and procedures that make it tough, costly, time-consuming unapproachable. There are methods to change that.

The baby-boomer rocket that propelled golf to brand-new heights in the 20th century and made Minnesota among the world s most popular golf markets regardless of its brief season has actually lost altitude as penny-wise millennial balk at an online game they view as too expensive, too challenging and too lengthy to play, and, save for the company scramble with a well-stocked beer cart, not all that much enjoyable golf wedges from titlest.

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17 golf rules you definitely have to know when playing in a tournament

The difference in between a leisurely round of golf and tournament play is plain; at times, it feels like it's an entirely different game. Those tee boxes that appear miles back? That's where you'll be teeing off from.

And then there are the guidelines.

Every danger is treated as a lateral, rocks are thrown out of bunkers, and gym me putts. In brief, a "winter season guidelines" approach for the entire year. The USGA rule book is the law for tournament play; it is outright, without discussion. Fear not: Here are the 17 golf guidelines you absolutely need to understand when playing in a tournament:


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